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Brand safety, where are we now?

Brand safety and brand care in the digital advertising industry remain a key concern, so where are we now, and can it ever be guaranteed? We discuss why more still needs to be done if the digital advertising industry is to ever fully recover.

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Female entrepreneurs share how to avoid feeling isolated

This article originally appeared in The Telegraph. Women who started up solo share their tips on how to tackle feelings of loneliness. GingerMay PR’s Founder and Managing Director, Victoria Usher, discusses the value of comradeship and mentorship.

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What is the ePrivacy Regulation?

Marketers who are in the final throes of establishing their compliance programmes ahead of GDPR deadline day aren’t quite done yet. The ePrivacy Regulation is set to be implemented in 2019, so what is it and how can businesses prepare themselves?

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How can publishers win the fight against ad blocking?

Ad blocking is hitting publishers hard by preventing them from monetising their content. We explore how publishers can continue to keep their readers happy while making money from their online content, and whether there is a viable alternative to advertising.

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