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Why London tech firms need a global PR agency

London’s technology firms have made the UK a hub of digital innovation. Since 2011, the city’s emerging, financial, advertising technology and start-up businesses have attracted over $6 billion in investment, outpacing Paris, Berlin, and Stockholm. And for those at the disruptive epicentre, this makes tech-focused public relations vital.

To secure their place as frontrunners not only in the UK market but also on the international stage, established and developing businesses alike need a global PR agency with in-depth tech knowledge, and advanced communications expertise.

Why getting ahead in London’s disruptive tech hub requires a global PR approach

Standing out in a densely populated ecosystem requires more than a great offering; ad tech, mar tech, Fintech and emerging tech providers must seize every opportunity to be seen and heard in the right places. Achieving this requires a PR agency that carefully monitors trends, topics and events—and uses each opportunity to enhance client brands.

This is exactly what GingerMay delivers. A specialist in multiple areas from social media and digital strategy to creating thought leadership content; GingerMay is the go-to PR agency for global tech businesses that want to see fast, impactful results.

Dedicated to producing coverage that motivates target audiences, the team works closely with clients to identify their unique goals and achieve market differentiation. Through a blend of strategic consultation and up-to-date insight, GingerMay builds tailored PR programmes flexible enough to succeed in the ever-evolving tech sector.

The agency also strives to ensure clients retain a prominent position on the global map by tapping into its network of national, trade, industry and business influencers. And clients keen to carve their niche from further afield than London can call upon GingerMay’s teams in New York and Berlin for comprehensive in-market support.

Ambitious, nimble and inventive, London’s ad tech, Fintech, emerging tech and start-up businesses are finally getting some well-deserved recognition. But as the noise increases, it will be those who harness the power of PR that rise to – and remain at – the top.