Gaining a European foothold and creating a powerful message for the guardian of online transparency.


Ghostery empowers consumers and businesses to create faster and more trusting digital experiences. By fostering a more transparent Internet, the company helps businesses grow and protects consumers. Over 40 million consumers rely on Ghostery’s add-on to see and control how they are being tracked online. It has increased understanding of tracking technologies and enhanced recognition of online privacy control for businesses.

40 million people reached across a range of international business and consumer titles


Ghostery successfully earned its reputation as a leading guardian of online transparency the US, but needed to drive awareness of its business offering in Europe. The company began looking for a PR consultancy that understood the complexities of the EU digital marketing ecosystem.

Gaining ground was essential to drive the business forward, which meant that a strong network of relevant, international connections was crucial. GingerMay was asked to provide Ghostery with agile support and exceptional coverage that would increase its European footprint.

Over 100 pieces of top-tier coverage


Through in-depth consultation, the GingerMay team helped Ghostery to clarify its offering and define its ambitions. This insight formed the basis of a communications strategy designed to tell a compelling, united, and global brand story.

Claiming ownership of the international digital transparency space required a strong thought-leadership position. To achieve this, GingerMay used its extensive global network to place Ghostery ahead of the competition. From bylined articles in key publications to briefings for influential events, the team never missed an opportunity to expand the brand presence. But, that was only the beginning.

With a detailed understanding of Ghostery’s core benefits, GingerMay brought precision to its messaging. Not only did this enable the company to resonate with its customer base, it made the brand more accessible to a new global audience.

GingerMay’s unshakable approach to efficiency has created a lasting bond with Ghostery that has seen us become an integral part of the team.

“Ghostery enjoyed excellent visibility in the US, but had low awareness in the UK when we began our expansion into Europe. GingerMay delivered outstanding coverage in key national, marketing, business and trade press, that has firmly established our presence in the UK and Europe.”

Scott Meyer, CEO of Ghostery


Consistent and inspirational coverage was the goal, and GingerMay delivered. Coverage that has appeared in national titles includes The Guardian, Financial Times, London Evening Standard, The Metro, and a front-page placement in the Financial Times Weekend. The Financial Times piece focussed on tracking technologies on the US political websites, and the story enabled Ghostery to transcend the Atlantic – increasing relevance in the UK.

Achieving coverage in over 100 top-tier publications across the UK, France and Germany cemented Ghostery as an international expert in digital transparency and privacy governance. The UK titles include The Drum, Brand Republic, The Register, Marketing Week, Media Week, Campaign, Marketing Magazine, M&M Global, ExchangeWire, and Econsultancy.

Bylined articles in prominent French and German titles raised awareness of the need for better website security and enabled Ghostery to break into new marketplaces. Enhancing Ghostery’s profile amongst the B2B community in Germany has provided the brand with a crucial pathway into Northern Europe.

GingerMay’s nimble response to the needs of Ghostery has enabled the brand to remain strong, despite four redefinitions in three years. Ghostery is now regarded the leading business in Europe helping to foster a more transparent internet to enable businesses to grow and protect consumers. With powerful messaging and a commitment to creating trusted digital experiences, the brand is stronger than ever.