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Four PR essentials for Berlin’s budding tech companies

Recently named Europe’s second-largest start-up city, Berlin is becoming a magnet for digital talent. With a range of initiatives intended to give entrepreneurs an early start, the city is catching up with London as a hotspot for emerging, financial and advertising technology companies—and the business community isn’t far behind.

During 2015, Berlin attracted over $2.3 million in venture capital (VC) funding, raising its global market position and driving an increasing flow of investment that tipped $492 million in 2016’s second quarter. Yet while the influx of innovators and VCs has created new opportunities, getting to them first means companies don’t just need a business plan; they also need to increase their profile with better public relations (PR).

If emerging tech, adtech, and fintech companies want to be top of mind for both investors and consumers, a Berlin PR agency with intricate industry knowledge is vital. As the go-to PR expert for global tech firms, GingerMay understands what it takes to maintain market differentiation and agility in a fast-changing environment.

Here are the four essentials Berlin’s budding tech companies need in a PR agency:

1. Comprehensive services

If companies want to achieve cut-through in a constantly expanding ecosystem, they need more than single-track PR-amplification across channels is essential to boost brand awareness and reputation. That’s why GingerMay offers an all-inclusive mix, including digital strategy, media relations, social media, and thought leadership.

2. Up-to-date expertise

For those in the adtech, fintech or emerging tech sectors, speed and relevance aren’t just a basis for business success; they’re also key requirements for PR. Only proactive agencies that closely watch the latest industry events, topics and trends can spot the most appropriate opportunities first—a skill GingerMay is highly experienced in.

3. A focus on tailoring    

Even if they work in the same field no two companies are the same, and their PR shouldn’t be either; a good PR programme is produced as part of a collaborative process between agency and client. GingerMay, for instance, uses a combination of strategic consultation and industry insight to construct bespoke programmes with in-built flexibility, designed to quickly realise specific client goals, engage the right audiences, and consistently deliver excellent results.

4. Global influence

Being at the centre of a digital hub is a good start, but if businesses want to scale up they must find a PR partner with worldwide reach. GingerMay meets this need with a substantial network of global connections, spanning local, trade, and international influencers. The team can also provide human, in-country support around the world, working from offices in London and New York, as well as Berlin.

There’s no doubt Berlin has captured the attention of the industry, with its bright young tech talent drawing in investors and hopeful start-ups from around the world. Yet as the number of adtech, fintech and emerging tech companies grows, claiming a space in the global market will require back up, in the form of a good agency that embodies the four essentials of great PR.