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We make PR easy. Whether clients are focused on expanding their digital footprint, reaching new global audiences, or launching a game-changing product, we can help. Our talented team does not work in silos. Instead we share our knowledge and ability to craft outstanding communication solutions that are one of a kind — delivering what our clients need, when they need it.

International Services

Strong international support requires unwavering efficiency, expert planning, and an influential network of global journalist connections.

GingerMay is committed to meeting the needs of our clients, no matter where they are based. With clients in the UK, across Europe, the US, APAC and Australia we know what it takes to deliver an outstanding international service with local attention to detail.

The team is passionate about maintaining a united, global presence for our clients. We monitor every relevant event and trend worldwide to establish clients as industry leaders.

Our in-house language skills enable us to forge enviable relationships with national, business, trade, and sector press, as well as key international titles. This ensures that we always achieve inspirational coverage for our clients that reaches the right audiences.

PR programmes are adapted to accommodate different time zones, priorities, and schedules. From representing clients at key global events to writing bylines relevant to a local market, we excel in every aspect of international relations.

Thought Leadership

GingerMay specialises in thought leadership. Spotlighting thought-provoking angles and providing intellectual content to engage, influence, and inspire senior-decision makers.

We deliver high-impact coverage in national, business and trade media, which enables our clients to outperform their rivals, no matter what their size.

Rather than creating short-term stories, we design programmes with a long-term strategy in mind. We strive to develop intuitive angles that change perceptions, create headlines, inspire dialogue, and let our clients shine.

Digital & Social Media

As information channels evolve, so too does our approach to communications. GingerMay recognises that the media is always searching for ways to make their stories reach wider audiences, across multiple platforms.

We help our clients achieve this using our expertise in social media, blogging, SEO, forums, digital reputation management, corporate storytelling, and more.

We combine traditional PR skills with the strategic power of social and digital media. The result is compelling content that generates news, inspires online debate, and encourages engagement.

We help our clients filter the white noise from social media. By enabling them to focus on the most important debates and potential trends we create exceptional campaigns.


Being seen and heard in the right places, by the right people, is crucial to be an industry leader. That is why GingerMay is connected to every leading global technology and adtech event.

We are proactive, quick to spot relevant opportunities for clients to enhance their profile and forge valuable contacts.

From industry showcases to prestigious roundtables, the team is passionate about showcasing clients and ensuring they are involved in the right conversations.

Our experience, knowledge, and strong network of influencers allow us to create compelling submissions. Applications for speaker slots, sponsorship opportunities or awards, we manage them all from start to finish.

The results speak for themselves; our clients are multi-award-winners, sought-after speakers, and industry innovators.

Strategic Counsel

Brilliant campaigns require an ambitious and targeted strategy. GingerMay creates tailored PR programmes that challenge client expectations and deliver outstanding results.

Working closely with clients, we explore their PR needs and construct communications strategies to achieve their goals. Unique, nimble and scalable, our approach is designed to accommodate changing industry needs and make PR simple for our clients.

From social media campaigns to events that dominate the tech sector, GingerMay is an expert in creating cohesive and tactical strategy. Senior-level staff oversee each and every account, providing strategic advice on the best approach and how to secure the greatest outcome.

Crisis Management

Business success depends on careful strategy and preparing for the unexpected. GingerMay monitors industry activity to spot potentially harmful issues before they impact our clients.

From association with negative headlines to managing an internal crisis, the team reacts quickly to protect clients’ brand reputation.

If things go wrong, we use our extensive expertise to minimise impact and negotiate a more positive outcome. Liaising with our network of media contacts, advising on the best messaging to implement, and acting as the media port of call.

As trusted and mature advisors, we provide robust support to help clients weather any storm and maintain their strong market position.

“Since engaging GingerMay, I have been astonished by the level of service we’ve received. They have been truly exceptional, showing diligence, creativity and industry awareness, allied to a high level of consistency. With each and every engagement they have been increasingly beneficial to our business in tangible and measurable ways, as well as being hugely personable and a joy to work with – and that makes all the difference. For anyone looking for a PR agency that doesn’t miss a beat, I would highly recommend GingerMay.”

Erol Soyer, Founder and CEO, ProgRox

Creative Content

High-impact content is essential to capture audience attention. And not just any content. It must be engaging, accurate and most importantly, relevant.

At GingerMay, we produce exceptional content that positions our clients as leaders. Our creative team includes former journalists and B2B copywriters with a unique understanding of what interests key publications. Using in-depth industry knowledge they craft compelling content that guarantees exceptional coverage for our clients.

Skilled and versatile, GingerMay creatives are masters of style. We adapt to each client’s messaging, while translating technical detail into content that inspires the audience.

Innovative and unique, the content we generate ensures that client brands stand out from the crowd — building positive perceptions and awareness.

Analyst Relations

Analysts are the root of industry knowledge. Their recommendations set the agenda for the business world to follow. Closely tied to major analyst houses across the globe, our team is aware of each new trend as it emerges.

The insights we gather enable us to place clients at the forefront of industry innovation. Ever-watchful for relevant research, we connect clients with cutting-edge reports that build their reputation as thought leaders and experts in their field. But that’s not all.

GingerMay creates direct links between analysts and our clients. We establish them as trusted advisors and consultants for influential reports. A key contact for researchers such as Gartner, IDC and Forrester, the companies we work with drive the industry forward.