DMEXCO has been a highlight of the digital marketing circuit since 2009 and its popularity has grown steadily ever since. This year’s event saw 41,000 visitors enter the hall of the Koelnmesse in Cologne, including three members of the GingerMay team. Although it appeared to attract slightly fewer exhibitors than previous years, the corridors were buzzing and the programme remained as solid as ever.

Industry experts discussed topics across the adtech, martech and innovation space with vigor, from Tealium’s Fourth Industrial Revolution presentation to Sublime’s storytelling and digital advertising session, and Crownpeak’s tips on improving the customer experience. With GDPR now cemented into everyone’s psyche, and the privacy era firmly upon us, it seemed more forward-thinking discussions were afforded this year. Here are some of the hot topics that we noticed taking center stage:

In-house Advertising

A lack of transparency around digital advertising has led to distrust in recent years. Coupled with the availability of new technology, it was little surprise to find global brands at DMEXCO discussing the potential of in-house advertising. Industry experts implied that brands would increasingly utilise marketing tools themselves, attracted by the ability to individualise marketing according to their own needs, better control budgets, and more effectively interact with their customers. In-house technology will also enable brands to view campaigns across desktop, mobile, email, and other touchpoints from one single dashboard.


Whether you think it’s overhyped or the answer to the tech stack, blockchain certainly featured in many DMEXCO discussions. Enthusiasts discussed how cryptography and blockchain could be the answer to the transparency dilemma, flaws in real-time bidding, as well as fraud. Correlations between GDPR and discussions on trust and data quality in the adtech industry were drawn with blockchain and its use of a cryptography-encrypted pipeline to ensure delivery to a target audience. Blockchain, experts said, benefits everyone on the supply chain and for so many at DMEXCO this appeared to be the endorsement they sought.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

From Elon Musk to Bladerunner, AI has certainly made its mark on the general public this year and DMEXCO was no exception. Now widely accepted as the driver of innovation, discussions this year moved onto how AI can be used to generate real results and increase revenue across the industry. In particular, advertisers were keen to discuss how AI and machine learning can be used to deliver maximum impact and engagement from campaigns. 

While its format may have changed slightly, DMEXCO will continue to play an integral part in future discussions within the adtech and martech worlds and we at GingerMay are excited to see what next year’s event will bring. If you didn’t get a chance to catch up with us at DMEXCO but you would like to discuss marketing and PR support, you can drop us a message here.

Greta Burgio By Greta Burgio, Account Manager at GingerMay