company culture

“We pledge to invest in our company culture, regardless of our size, to benefit our people and propel our business forward.”

GingerMay has made a public declaration to continue making company culture a top priority throughout the business.

As one of the first marketing and PR consultancies to join breatheHR’s culture pledge, GingerMay is reaffirming its commitment to investing in staff and cultivating a positive working environment. Its efforts to date have resulted in an impressive staff retention rate of 91% and 90% of staff regard the consultancy as an ‘excellent’ place to work.

The public culture pledge follows GingerMay’s recognition as one of the UK’s top 25 SME culture leaders by Real Business and breatheHR in July, where judges described GingerMay as exemplifying commitment, vision, and passion towards building and driving a strong and inclusive company culture.

Victoria Usher, Founder and CEO at GingerMay, commented, “We are living proof that building a work environment where people are free to grow and develop is crucial for attracting and keeping talent. Joining breatheHR’s culture pledge is a public declaration of our ongoing commitment to putting our team at the heart of our business, and we hope it will inspire other businesses to do the same.”

To find out more about GingerMay’s progressive company culture, and whether you could be part of it, contact us at