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GingerMay is an international public relations firm that specialises in emerging technology and disruptive businesses. We provide communications with a thought leadership focus that deliver tangible business impact for our clients, creating coverage that inspires action amongst the right audiences.

Our enviable network of national, trade, sector, and business influencers coupled with our strategic insight makes GingerMay the go-to PR agency for fast growth businesses around the world.

“GingerMay is one of the top communication firms we deal with in the European market. Their deep understanding of the digital advertising market allows them to present us with really relevant stories and content angles. We have always found the GingerMay staff to be diligent, focused and extremely professional with all of their dealings with ExchangeWire. ExchangeWire looks forward to continuing its relationship with GingerMay.”

Ciaran O’Kane, CEO and CoFounder of ExchangeWire


IAB Engage 2017: What does the future hold for marketers?

Renowned physicist Professor Brian Cox, OBE believes people could survive in space within our lifetime. Naturally, as many members of the audience listening to his speech at IAB Engage 2017 may have also considered, this led me to wonder what would this mean for...

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Data: Welcome to the new economy

Emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, and Virtual Reality (VR) have propelled businesses into a new era of digital connectivity. Unlike previous centuries, oil is not the resource powering this...

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