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GingerMay is an award-winning global communications and PR consultancy for businesses. We specialise in making the media and key stakeholders sit up, take notice, and generate action.

We help B2B companies transform by creating content with purpose. We get to the heart of what matters to our clients to develop thought leadership-driven communication strategies that achieve real resonance.

Our enviable network of national, trade and business influencers coupled with our strategic insight makes GingerMay the go-to communications consultancy for fast-growth businesses across the world.

“Do not underestimate GingerMay; it is far from an ordinary PR agency. The team is a powerhouse of activity, working to produce high levels of outstanding coverage. Yet it also delivers a very personal service, where each new opportunity is selected to meet specific business objectives and help our company take the lead on relevant industry trends. In short, GingerMay has the perfect balance of efficiency and the human touch — and that isn’t easy to find.”

Chad Wollen, CMO at Smartpipe


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How your brand reputation can survive a data breach

In a data-driven world, personal information is of high value to both the brand and the individual. Unfortunately, cybercriminals also have their eyes on this most lucrative of assets too. From hospital records through to bank details, some of the most important...

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GDPR Roundtable: The opportunity for change

Six months remain until the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force, transforming the way organisations collect, store, and process the personal data of individuals in the European Union forever. Hefty fines and repercussions await those failing to...

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